Our desire is to facilitate healing of traumatized children by equipping parents and professionals.

“Your Family Matters” Radio Interview discusses RAD

Faye and Jeff were interviewed by Carla D’addesi on WFYL 1180AM. They discussed trauma and how their tools, techniques and training can support families struggling to raise children with early trauma and attachment disruptions. Listen to the full interview.

Our Child’s Inner Voice

Our Child’s Inner Voice Faye L. Hall MA “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice” Peggy O’Mara www.TheSilverPenn.com During a recent search on Pinterest, I stumbled over this quote causing me to stop and reflect on its’ implications for the families in our family based service.  How do we talk to our children? What does theirRead the Rest…

Our journey began in 1994 when a lonely nine-year-old foster son joined Faye’s family. We've turned that experience into learning's that you can benefit from. Learning from the past, teaching the present, empowering the future.