You are in a dilemma, what do you do, where do you go, who would believe you? Your child just…peeped in the corner, hid food in your couch, went outside in the snow without a coat, ate 2 lunches at school after saying you did not feed him, yelled at you because you took her out to eat, was up wondering through the house during the night… and the list goes on.  These are not stories you share with the “soccer” moms at a game. Your husband (sister, mom, neighbor) is tired of hearing you complain. Your friends avoid you.

You have no answers! It seems as if you child is intentionally trying to drive you crazy.

Welcome to the world of parenting a child with early relational trauma, trauma from abuse, neglect, and attachment disruptions. Your child may have entered your family through foster care, adoption, kinship care, divorce, incarceration, or separation. Now, you are seeking answers. Search the following pages, read the resources, and contact us for more information. There is hope, there are answers, keep looking.




Who is this child