Top Ten Topics to Support Therapeutic Parenting

Top Ten Topics to Support Therapeutic Parenting

Children with early trauma may have developmental delays. Article #8 reinforces the need for new and various developmental experiences. Use these to build your support system.

Hall and Merkert

Top Ten Topics to Support Therapeutic Parenting


Our desire is to provide the tools for dedicated parents and professionals to facilitate the healing of children.  Your role as parent is vital to this healing.  We have chosen ten of the most common issues parents face when questioned by family members, friends, and professionals.  Hopefully, the articles will validate the therapeutic approaches your family has been advised to pursue.  These articles are easy handouts for your support system.  They may be copied and distributed.  Not all of our children have been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), but all adopted children have suffered from the loss of their first primary care giver-usually mom.  As with the diagnoses, not all of our children exhibit all of the behaviors on the symptoms list.  Each child is an individual whose behavior will vary depending on the type and length of the early trauma, integrity of the brain, genetics, and stressors.

Lastly, the resource list will supply your personal community with more information to understand your child.  Validation is important while parenting in the trenches.  You need as much support as possible.

May your adventure in healing begin,

Faye and Jeff


PDFs to download:

1. Our parenting style

2. Giving our child a unique opportunity

3. Fear motivates many of our actions. 

4. We need you to give non-judgmental support with insightful advice

5. My child’s early trauma disrupts his ability to form healthy relationships 

6. Our child may not experience temperature, hunger, energy levels, and emotion like you and I do

7. Our child may have distorted object relations

8. You see different behavior from our child than we do at home 

9. Our child may seem as if he does not have a conscience

10. We may need respite



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